'X Factor' finale: Who's going to win it all?


The U.S. "X Factor" is down to its first finale - who do you think is going to win out of Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik or Chris Rene?The music that accompanies the start of "The X Factor" (it's a famous piece, I don't know it's name) would make one think that the final three are going to have to vanquish lions before they turn on each, armed only with a small knife. Also, Nicole and Paula are dressed like extras from "Blade Runner." This is kinda scary. But let's get to the performances. 1. Josh Krajcik, "Uninvited"Huh. I love this song, but this is a weird song choice for Josh. The song loses some of its power when not sung by a higher, broken female voice. But then Alanis Morissette is there. Um, this is weird. I thought the finale performances would be alone. Hmm. When they start singing together, it's pretty good, but visually...



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