'American Horror Story': Playground in my mind


In a season full of curveballs, "American Horror Story" sure saved a doozy for the Season 1 finale, did it not?The final episode, titled "Afterbirth," centers around a new family moving into the house. Why? Because psycho Hayden and (I think) two of the strangers from the nurse episode hang Ben from the chandelier in an apparent "suicide." Ben had been planning to kill himself anyway, but Vivien and Violet convinced him not to and to flee the house with the baby. But there's no stopping crazy Hayden. So now the entire Harmon family is trapped in the house.The Ramos family buys the house from the nutty real estate agent and the husband and wife immediately start talking about a baby, which Ben and Vivien know is bad idea jeans in this particular house, so they decide to scare the family to death (or just until they leave the house). Moira and the Black Dahlia...



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