American Horror Story Season Finale: Where Do We Go From Here?

Oh, boy, American Horror Story. Where do we begin?

Tonight's finale of American Horror Story gave us the answers we wanted... and then blew its brains out afterwards, leaving viewers shocked and emotionally split about what the hell they had just witnessed on their TV screens. Twitter is aflutter with vows from fans to never tune into the show again. Snarky critics are doing the Snoopy dance by retweeting every negative reaction, finally feeling some sort of 'vindication' for people not listening to them in the first place. In short, I'm scared for the future of American Horror Story.

Before I get into the show's future, let's discuss what little we could make sense out of in tonight's episode titled "Afterbirth."

As I predicted from almost day one, Ben became the Murder House's last victim after Hayden enlisted the Home Invasion ghosts to hang him from the second floor as he was preparing to leave the House for good. The sad thing about the scenario was Ben had just gotten a wake up call and a plea to leave from Vivien and Violet, who both wanted Ben to raise the surviving twin instead of killing himself to be with them. Even Constance warned Ben to not reenter the House, but you can easily read her warning as being more about wanting her grandson with her and nowhere near Ben or the House. Nonetheless, Ben's decision to activate his common sense node came a little too late and Hayden stopped Ben on the stairs long enough for the attack to happen. Read More...


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