American Horror Story “Afterbirth” Review

While I watched the finale of American Horror Story the only thing that kept running through my head was "what is this show?" FX offers some great programming, and really raised the bar with American Horror Story. It was scary, it was sexy, and it had more horror elements than most mainstream horror movies. While it was a little dicey during the middle episodes, "Afterbirth" wrapped everything up, but also kept fans wanting more.

Ben isn’t coping too well with Viv’s death and the news that Violet has been dead all along. He’s doing so poorly that he sets out to kill himself, but only after he lays out his affairs for Vivien’s sister that is going to come care for the baby. So at least he does care for his son enough to make sure that he won’t be left alone in the murder house…but before he can pull the trigger on the gun, Vivien appears in front of him and snatches the gun out of his hands. She convinces Ben to leave the house, that she and Violet will be fine, but that baby (they never say his name) needs a father. Read More... 


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