The X Factor “Season 1 Finale” Review – And the Winner Is…

First of all, congratulations to Melanie Amaro. You can’t say she didn’t go out and earn it. Hands down the best pure vocalist on the show. Josh, Chris, you were close… but no cigar. Melanie won The X Factor, and she probably did it running away.

So I could go over certain parts of the show before getting to my main point—but really, do we need to go over how bad of an idea it is to have Chris Rene sing us Christmas songs?

Ah, sure, why not. Let’s do that. First, it is a really bad idea to have Chris Rene sing Christmas songs.

Frank Sinatra he ain’t.

Actually, all of the Christmas songs came off a little forced. (L.A. Reid: "You just made me realize it’s Christmas!") Worse, they had all the "personal messages from loved ones" affixed at the end of each song, designed only to reduce each contestant to piles of sobbing tears. (Josh held out until his daughter Rowan came on. That dude is made of stone.) Read More... 


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