Prime Suspect “The Great Wall of Silence” Review

Prime Suspect got off to a really interesting start as we see Regis attending work-mandated therapy resulting from his shootout a few episodes in which he discharged his gun and killed someone. The few minutes I spent listening to him share his fear of having people judge him as the type of person who leaves their underwear on the floor was already more intriguing than the hour I spent watching this showlast week. Even better was discovering that he referred to his underwear as his "dun dun dun da," which sounds like a superhero theme when said out loud. I loved getting a moment of vulnerability and levity from Regis. Personally speaking, I fancy the word britches for my dun dun dun das.

The second sign of an improvement from last week’s episode was pairing Jane with Velerio. His laid back demeanor is a great balance to Jane’s aggression. It was interesting to see that Jane does not likelistening to death notifications. Although I would imagine it is not what anyone would want to hear, I wondered if it was tied to her mother’s death.

Jane and Velerio are investigating a murder in Chinatown where James, a businessman, has been shot dead in a restaurant. As they wonder if the murder is connected to a poker on the second floor of the restaurant, Jane realizes that the main dining area has become eerily quiet. The patrons have left after the restaurant owner’s attorney shows up. This same attorney represents a benevolent gangster in the Chinese community, Mr. Lin. Despite Mr. Lin’s stated benevolent intentions, it appears that he is the gatekeeper of the wall of silence that is immediately erected to control the dissemination of information. Read More... 


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