The X Factor Finale Recap: Wonderful, Wonderful Stuff

It is here at last, my friends! Tonight our three-month journey ends, and our X Factor winner will be chosen. And it truly could go any of the three available ways. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m forcing my parents, who have never seen a second of this show (or American Idol, for that matter), to watch it with me. We Holmeses share our burdens.

Steve Jones is in a tux! He fine. I honestly hope all this business about him getting fired isn’t true. He deserves a second chance; the fault for this show’s moments of clunk does not lie with him. Pro tip for the production team: Try one tech rehearsal.

The opening number brings back all twelve finalists to perform Gaga’s "The Edge of Glory."  Do you remember how crowded the stage was with all those people? I’d forgotten! It’s a mess! InTENsity sings in a way that indicates that they haven’t seen each other since their elimination (and they probably haven’t; none of them are old enough to drive). Stereo Hoggz grace us with some vaguely X-rated dancing, and Lakoda Rayne continue to audition for E! News. Still, it’s good to see Drew and Rachel back and smiling. I did worry. Read More...


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