Season 6 Spoilers (quoted from the One Tree Hill Blog)

Here are some spoilers for Season 6 of One Tree Hill!

-- New side with Haley..not sure which episode yet…

Haley sits with Samantha, a scorned 15 year old, at school. Haley asks her if they’re going to sit in silence or deal with the issue. Sam talks about bad memories about foster parents. Haley asks what she wants to do with her life and Sam says she’d like to be a veterinarian. Sam says they don’t deserve any harmful treatment unlike things her parents did to her. Sam leaves saying she’s not Haley’s girl or anyone’s. Source (Credit: -sick jag-@FF)

General Spoilers

Kate Voegele was on a local Cleveland talk show this morning and when they asked her if she was coming back on OTH she said, “Yes, there’s a season 6 and I think that I will be doing some more episodes.� credit: dazzled423@FF

Heather in Omaha, Neb.: Kristin! We have to talk about the One Tree Hill finale. Is Dan really dead? Who did Lucas call to ask to marry? Lindsay or Peyton?

From what I hear, producers are still fleshing out the plans for next season, but I also hear that it’s “98.8 percent� certain Dan will be back. Paul Johansson (Dan himself) tells me: “Dan is almost immortal. How can Dan die? He’s the liaison between Lucifer and the world!� Ha! As for Lucas’ pick, both Hilarie Burton (Peyton) and Michaela McManus (Lindsay) tell me that they don’t even know the answer, and I believe ‘em. However, Hilarie also tried to convince me she’s hooking up with Mouth next year, and I’m hard-pressed to buy into that one, ’cause Millicent seems the bomb, right? Go M&M! Source

Lisa Goldstein (Millicent) is returning for Season 6. Source Credit: brucasalways @ the Brooke/Owen thread on FF

i’m pretty positive Joe will be back on OTH. Mark did say that we would be pleased and that we havn’t seen the last of him. and I believe Joe messaged Lync saying he felt very confident about his future on OTH

oh and when he was right outside tric taking pics with fans suomne said somthing like “don’t be afraid of babies� and he smiled and said “he was filming a movie and that’s the only reason i was afraid of babies� somethin along those lines. lol

Credit: LPisKiller90 @ FF

Mark said Joe would be back in season 6. Joe really wants to come back.

[Speaking of Lucas and Peyton - the “for good� comment is not confirmed but the first part about them getting together IS ]

Originally Posted by Sparkling_Diamond: It’s confirmed they’re reuniting in S6.-sick_jag-: For good, too. It’s not going to be a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of thing.


Danneel Harris will be a series regular again in season 6 Source

Here’s a little something that I don’t think I have told anyone. When I was in Wilmington for 5.14 I had talked to some girls that were watching… well when they talked to Chad he was working on a script for season 6. Apparently he has been given the chance and go ahead from the writers to work on his own episode. Should be interesting to see if Chad has any skills in the writing department of “OTH�. Anyways I just found that interesting.

Credit Taylor at FF


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Jul 22, 2008 11:16AM EDT

Lucas does call Peyton and they go to Vegas but they don't get married, they just stay engaged.Dan is still alive but he still needs that heart transplant.Nanny Carrie comes back and kidnaps Dan while his life is in danger.Clothes Over Bros gets robbed and Brooke gets attacked during the robbery.Quentin gets killed.

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