Jane By Design: Season 1 Trailer Released

We've all been where Jane By Design's Jane Quimby is at right now. You know, barely making it through a normal day of high school without tearing your hair out, saved only by a few good friends and a promise of better things to come in the future. While the rest of us had to wait until after we graduated to finally become ourselves, it looks like Jane is getting a (very) early start.

In Jane By Design, the title character gets mistakenly hired as an executive assistant at Donovan Decker, a local fashion house that thinks she's an adult. Instead of chucking the $30,000/year starting salary (and access to a innumerable cute clothes), she has to learn how to balance life as a high school student, working woman, and regular girl without anyone finding out otherwise. The only one to know about Jane's double duty is her best friend Billy (Nick Roux), but her boss Gray Chandler Murray (Andie MacDowell), her brother Ben (David Clayton Rogers), and her school crush Nick (Matthew Atkinson) are in the dark about the other side of Jane Quimby. Read More...



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