Sherlock “A Scandal in Belgravia” Review

The second series of Sherlock kicks off with a take on ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’, the case which introduced us to Irene Adler, one of the few people to have ever outwitted Sherlock Holmes in the originalstories, and, as we soon find out, in this television series too.

I’m not entirely sure what we just watched, but I think it may be a masterpiece. It’s rare that a mystery can have so many disparate elements actually work in some fashion, never mind come together at the endinto a coherent whole. Up until the last ten minutes I was getting ready to complain about how the first twenty minutes had no bearing whatsoever on the actual Adler case — and then suddenly it worked.

I’m sure I’ll find something to complain about by tomorrow (well, aside from the bit below). Until then I’m happy to enjoy my favourite part of ‘A Scandal in Belgravia’ – the relationships; Sherlock showing his softer and protective sides with Molly and Mrs Hudson, Watson trying to convince everyone that his friendship with Holmes isn’t that close (and losing his latest girlfriend in the process), Sherlock and Irene’s twisted romance. It was all very interesting to watch, especially since this episode took the character of Irene further than the original short story did. Read More... 


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