Baseball Wives Sneak Peek: Cheri Bomb

After three episodes of Anna Benson (and her sidekick Mr. Minky) wreaking havoc on a group of women, VH1's Baseball Wives took a holiday break to take its ball and move to Sunday nights. When the show returns from its hiatus, things don't look to be slowing down, if possum cakes and supreme cattiness are your idea of exciting reality TV.

In the 11 minute sneak peek, Anna hasn't let Cheri go just yet, as the rodent cake she sends her for her birthday is a beautifully bitchy way of sticking it to "the enemy". Even though I prefer it when a reality feud is evenly matched, there's just something about Anna's constant toying with (and apathy toward) Cheri that I find damn near delightful. In a twisted sort of way, of course. Trust me, I'm the last person to endorse a bully, but I think that Anna's less of a bully and more of a predatory feline batting around a mouse for its own amusement. Eventually, it'll get tired of the mouse and move on, but for now, Cheri's still kickin'. She may be conspiring with the others to finally "get" Anna after two episodes of being a truly awful arguer, but I have a feeling that Anna will not have any problem amping up her game if need be. Read More...


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