'The Vampire Diaries' sneak peek: Damon and Elena get close in 'The New Deal'


Just a few more days of suffering before "The Vampire Diaries" returns to our screens on Jan. 5! In the meantime, we've finally got some photos of the first episode back, "The New Deal."When we were last in Mystic Falls, Klaus had just realized that at Katherine's urging, Stefan stole the coffins containing Klaus's siblings (and, perhaps, a few other old friends). Stefan probably knew that Klaus would take his anger out on Damon and Elena -- but unfortunately for his brother and the former love of his life, he doesn't care.Klaus is on a rampage, though, and no one in town is safe -- Tyler, in particular, is in trouble, given his new connection to Klaus, and the fact that self-control isn't exactly Tyler's strongest suit.Jeremy, still reeling from losing Anna, Vicki, and Bonnie in one fell swoop, is teetering on the edge of another downward spiral. He even inadvertently lands Alaric in the...



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