'Chuck': You're not alone, Sarah Walker

That's two episodes in a row of just fine, fine work for "Chuck." Co-creator Chris Fedak had promised an "epic" Sarah-centric episode with "Chuck vs. the Baby," and we got pretty close to that descriptor.A couple of plot holes prevented it from being quite as awesome as it might have been, but Yvonne Strahovski anchored the show with a fantastic performance that was enough to paper over some of those nitpicks.The baby Shaw mentioned at the end of "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit" turns out not to be related to Sarah in any way but was the "package" in an assignment led by her old handler, Kieran Ryker (a much-more-menacing-than-usual Tim DeKay). The child is the heir to a huge fortune, which Ryker intends to keep for himself, but Sarah upends those plans, shoots Ryker in the shoulder and delivers the child to her mom, whom the CIA doesn't know about and who Sarah knows...



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