Mob Wives Season 2: Somebody's Going Over

If there's one theme I can draw from Sunday's second season premiere of Mob Wives, it's that change is more difficult to put into action than it is to put into thought. Though the fighting and bravado were some of the main reasons the show received attention when it debuted, season one of Mob Wives spent an admirable amount of time showing that for all the talk about "the life", these women are really striving for self-improvement. They were trying to break free from toxic romances, find an identity aside from their mob connection, and simply raise their children to not make some of the same lifestyle choices they had made themselves. It was a nice change to see a "wives" cast legitimately want to become better people, which made every little victory that much sweeter and every little setback that much more devastating.

As much as the second season premiere of Mob Wives focused on the ways that Drita, Carla, Renee, and Karen were trying to alter themselves, either behaviorally (Drita), romantically (Carla), or physically (Renee), by the end of the hour, it seemed obvious that the Mob Wives have a long way to go before evolving. That's not necessarily a bad thing, however; part of the charm of the show is how in-your-face and no-BS the cast is, but it kind of demonstrates how much of a hold "the life" can have on an individual and how decades of behavior patterns can be hard to break. Read More...


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