Leverage Review: A Double Prong Monkey Con

Happy 2012 everyone!

When Nate and Latimer clashed last week and Nate threw down the gauntlet in the final few minutes, it looked like we were heading into a showdown of these two power players this week. What we got was "The Gold Job," where we got a lesson in video game creation as Hardison turned the "Marks" into "Players" in his video game logic based "Double Prong Monkey Con."

Being a confessed video gamer, I really enjoyed Hardison’s ability to turn a con into a live action video game. He almost always has a great nod to popular video games. For example, did any other Portal fans catch that he named his voice activated computer Glados

That being said, I’m sure I’m not alone in my growing frustration with Leverage turning into the "Hardison Show." Hardison is awesome as the tech-savvy, gamer, geek. I don’t get why we need to see him try to do the all the other team members roles or get more screen time than any two other characters combined.  Read More...



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