'Pretty Little Liars' returns: 'A's' cell phone?


"Pretty Little Liars" returned Monday (Jan. 2) with "Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares" - what did you think of the start to the back half of Season 2?We were most intrigued by Aria and Ezra's storyline. We kind of couldn't believe he actually told her parents. Their reactions were both unsurprising and appropriate. As Jackie astutely pointed out, "She's a teenager and you were her teacher."For as much as we love Aria and Ezra together, it is inappropriate and it is no wonder Byron and Ella kind of lost it. Brownie points to Mike for punching Ezra, so his dad wouldn't. In the world of Hanna, we love that Caleb is back but poor Lucas. They really need to write something for him other than pining away for Hanna. He needs to wake up and get himself a girl who appreciates him the way he wants to be appreciated. We kind of can't wait...



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