'The Bachelor' premiere: Jenna the Overanalyst vs. Monica - it is ON


It's here, y'all. "The Bachelor" is back on our television screens. Who's excited?! (Also: No spoilers in the comments please).Things kick off with a montage of Ben doing outdoorsy things on his winery, then Chris Harrison (how I've missed you) gives us an intro and away we go. Highlights of the girls' introduction montage include:Lindzi claims she was once broken up with via text that read, "Babe, welcome to Dumpsville ... population YOU." I don't believe that actually happened, just for the record.Amber T. is from Nebraska and can shoot skeet and go bow hunting, which is pretty awesome. I'm not a hunter, per se, but I like it that she can do that. She also is familiar with Rocky Mountain oysters, which makes me hope with all my heart that Ben has to go to her hometown.Brunette Kacie is one of the prettiest girls, to me. Courtney is a model who actually doesn't do...



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