Hawaii Five-0 “Ka Ho’oponopono” Review

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, titled "Ka Ho’oponopono", the team is on the hunt for a murderer who suffocated a young girl in her own bed. The usual suspects are trotted out, including a somewhat troubled boyfriend, a sleazy old man sleeping with teenage girls and even a geek who’s been blackmailing seemingly an entire school. None of them add up and just as I was starting to get suspicious of the dad (I mean come on, he was practically the only one left), they dig deeper and find anotherconnection. Turns out it was all because of an $800 million dollar building project, and a girl had to die to keep the truth from popping up in a simple court case. After finding that out, I can’t say that I was all that sad when the guy behind it all took a header off a building.

Meanwhile things are really coming to a head with Joe and the whole "did or did he not kill Hiro?" thing. Steve is still trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt but when Hiro’s men attack Chin’s car and then go so far as to kidnap Joe and try to beat the truth out of him, he’s had all he can take. I’ve been on Joe’s side all along but at that point I was about ready to punch him myself just to find out what the heck was actually going on. Read More...



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