2 Broke Girls “And The Secret Ingredient” Review

There is an art to the one-liner. Anybody who has had entire conversations using Simpsons and 30 Rockquotes alone knows this well. 2 Broke Girls is a show primed for the one-liner ultimate impact. Kat Dennings spits them out at a ridiculous rate and, unfortunately, the one-liners often do seem just that: ridiculous. They are so often inorganic and crammed in there that when one is legitimately funny, it’s impact is dulled by the numbing effect of the other ten one-liners that came before it.

That’s the major problem I had with this episode, which was unremarkable but not unenjoyable. The one-liners just weighed me down to the point where I could no longer judge for myself whether a line was funny or not – I just had to wait for the audience reaction to gauge how well the joke worked. The writers have even inserted a way for Chestnut to text Max with even more one-liners. That’s how jammed up these one liners are. Read More...



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