Pretty Little Liars Preview & Photos: Caleb Joins the Girls in Taking Down "A" in Episode 2.15

Pretty Little Liars returned tonight with a red herring.  Only instead of 'A' being the one pulling the strings, it was the girls doing the scheming.  Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer have finally reached their breaking point and it's clear they're prepared to fight back.

In the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars, it appeared that Emily was at war with the rest of her friends as all the girls worked on their community service as a result of last summer's arrest.  The first half of the episode focused on Emily feeling like the weakest link in the chain, sounding like the odd one out since she wanted to make a deal with 'A'.  'A' was definitely paying attention and offered to make a deal with Emily.  But Emily revealed that the girls had set up the whole situation and weren't actually fighting.  Instead, they were setting up 'A' to get caught by all of them.  Unfortunately, the rendezvous didn't go exactly as planned and 'A' managed to excape, but he/she dropped a valuable clue: his/her cell phone.  It may be busted, but 'A''s cell phone is one of the best clues the girls have managed to accumulate in their quest to learn 'A''s identity. Read More...


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