Pretty Little Liars Episode 214 - The Liars are Back With 'A' Vengeance

Finally! Pretty Little Liars returned tonight with a winter premiere that quite honestly trumped the entire first half of season two and then some. Tonight, we finally got some actual developments in most of the girls' storylines and, most importantly, the overall mystery of "Who in the Hell is 'A'?" Now with 'A' being one step closer to being 'un-hooded,' Pretty Little Liars is headed for one helluva season finale. But first lets discuss the two other big events in tonight's episode.

First, the one event that everyone was itching to see was the outing of Aria and Ezra's relationship. I'm personally happy about how it went down, because it is a delicate situation and was handled in the most plausible way possible. However. Did anyone really think Byron and Ella were going to be "Oh, honey! We're super okay with it!" Come on, son! Read More...


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