How I Met Your Mother 7.13: "Tailgate" Review

New Years 2012 was a big one on last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother.

As Marshall spent the day carrying on traditions by tailgating at his father’s grave in Minnesota, Lily called her father to share her big baby news and experienced her first Enigma of the Mystical. Meanwhile Robin got some air time when Sandy Rivers went drunk and crazy as Ted and Barney learned the reason bars charge covers when they finally opened their bar, "Puzzles."

I pretty much love most of what Jason Segel does in HIMYM especially when it concerns Marshall’s father so I thought this poignant storyline was great. Having his brothers show up and then him being called Marvin by one of the rogue grievers/tailgaters had the perfect finishing touch. The contrast between this and Lily’s not so great relationship with her father worked really well. Which made it all the better when her father (played by guest star Chris Elliot) showed up with a giant teddy bear and a smile on his face about her pregnancy.  Alyson Hannigan really sold this moment well as evidenced by the tears welling up in my eyes. Read More...


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