'The Bachelor' Deleted Scenes: The Diaries of the First Departed, Plus a Sneak Peek in Sonoma

Woof. What a Bachelor premiere, right? Ben is surely one of the most normal human beings, and thus one of the strangest Bachelors, ever to headline the show. He's so calm and composed, but instead of laying on the charm, he mostly just sits there and lets his hair do all the work. I know he was low-key on The Bachelorette, but now that the spotlight is on him and he still can't emote past "this is pretty cool," he just seems bored.

And swarming around Ben's cocoon of eerie calmness, those WOMEN. Especially rabid and cloying and off-putting, aren't they? I actually can't remember a season of The Bachelor that, on first impression, offered up so few genuinely good candidates. Maybe, after a few more episodes, more of the girls will reveal themselves to be more likeable, but for now, Ben's best options include the girl who rode in on a horse and the girl who rapped. That doesn't bode too well for Ben, but it does for us.

What about the ones who didn't get roses? And what's in store for the 18 women who did? Watch two deleted scenes from last night's premiere, plus a sneak peek of next Monday's Bachelor episode, which immediately takes the group on the road:



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