The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peeks: It's War in Episode 3.10

What more can I say about The Vampire Diaries' terrific return from hiatus on January 5 that I didn't already say in my advance preview last week (read it here)?  Overall, it's a solid episode for the show and sets up a lot of conflict that could very well last for the rest of the season.

Episode 3.10 of The Vampire Diaries, titled "The New Deal", features Klaus' return to Mystic Falls.  While Elena has been worrying herself sick waiting for him to make a move, Klaus decides to pay her and Damon a friendly visit at the Grill.  Naturally, he has an agenda - he wants them to help him find Stefan and the coffins containing his Original family members.  He also wants to know where Rebekah is (hint: Elena daggered her in the midseason finale). Read More...


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