The Hate Recap: On the First Episode of Work It

At some point last year, Work It creators and co-executive producers Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen walked into a room at ABC and gave the following pitch to executives: "Two unemployed guys dress up like women to get jobs." Instead of the ABC executives saying, "Get the fuck out of my office you numbskulls, you just pitched me Bosom Buddies," the executives said, "Oh, you guys worked on Friends, right? We’ll have legal send over the paperwork." Work It is a REAL television show. It’s a real show and it’s on ABC. The American Broadcasting Company — the same network that gave us Taxi, The Wonder Years, and Twin Peaks. This is not a "Funny or Die" sketch about a bad sitcom. This is a real TV show that many people spent millions of dollars to make. Work It is something that ACTUALLY happened on the planet Earth, January 3, 2012. Because such mind-bending crassness does not occur every day, we feel duty bound to acknowledge it, savor it, and, of course, mock it. Forthwith, please enjoy this very special recap, a Hate Recap, of the absurdity known as Work It. Read More...


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