NCIS “Housekeeping” Review

I like to think that the title of this episode of NCIS, "Housekeeping", refers to the way they neatly cleaned up the loose ends we had after this season’s premiere. The team is on what appears to be a regular humdrum murder case, but Tony keeps reacting strongly to clues along the way and lo and behold, they stumble across none other that EJ Barrett herself.

Turns out she’s not dead so much as living on the run for the past few months, trying to stay one step ahead of the man who tried to kill her and Tony. Speaking of the killer, we find out that Stratton is a former green beret whose real name is Cole. Once Gibbs is on his trail, there’s not much that can keep him from catching the man who (in Gibbs’ wonderful words) nearly killed his best agent.

Along the way there is of course a lot of tension between EJ and Tony, which is to be expected. Ending an affair with gunfire, death and bloodshed is never a good thing and I knew the moment we saw her that she would soon be on her way out. But she didn’t leave before dropping a few nuggets of advice on Tony about his romantic life. Read More... 


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