Body of Proof “Falling for You” Review

In "Falling for You," Body of Proof celebrated their return from hiatus by tossing a bride off a balcony. But the real celebration for me was how much of the episode focused on the characters, rather than the murder of the week. Because, let’s be honest…the crime itself was kind of boring.

So, the groom accidentally pushed his bride to her death after her family and former boyfriend convinced her not to go through with the ceremony. Usually, it’s the other way around, so I’ll give them points for that, but the evidence that led them to their final conclusion seemed…contrived, even for a TV crime drama. If a certain type of flower is a bride’s favorite, you can be sure it’s going to show up in her wedding more than just once, on the groom’s lapel. I had a hard time swallowing that fact.

But, like I said, there was so much personal drama this week that I almost didn’t mind the weak "A" plot. And I’m not talking about Lacey’s teenage meltdown after she wasn’t invited to a major party, a freakout that caused her to get some truly terrible blonde streaks in her hair. One almost feels for Megan when you consider that she spent so much energy to get more time with her daughter, only to end up living with her as she heads straight into her rebellious years. Can you say "caveat emptor"? Read More... 


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