Modern Family “Lifetime Supply” Review

Having a Colombian mother, I grew up with my fair share of unusual old wives’ tales and superstitions, but tonight’s Modern Family was the first time I had heard about the catastrophe attached to dreaming about a black mouse. Considering the number of things that I was told were bad omens in my childhood – including certain houseplants and birds – it doesn’t really surprise me that Gloria would become so agitated over an innocuous dream she could hardly remember about a little black mouse. Suddenly every little thing seemed to point to disaster and the worst of it was that she had no idea what her dream was trying to tell her.

For Jay, there was a little bit of a disaster in Javier returning to make up for missed time with Manny. Although Jay’s luck wasn’t with him when he tried to one-up Javier at the racetrack, I liked seeing Jay get passive-aggressive in an effort to assert himself as a worthwhile male figure in Manny’s life. Jay and Manny have become quite close over the last few seasons of Modern Family and as Jay explained, he’s got his own "thing" going with Manny and he didn’t like to be reminded of the fact that he’s technically not Manny’s father. It was a genuinely heartfelt sentiment coming from someone that frequently seems annoyed by his family’s wacky antics. Read More... 


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