'Bel Ami' Star Uma Thurman States The Obvious: 'Robert [Pattinson] Is Good-Looking In Person'

If the feather-flying, bed-busting honeymoon hanky panky in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" was too tame for your Robert Pattinson bloodlust (you vixen!), might we recommend ducking into a theater near you when the actor's sexy period piece "Bel Ami" premieres March 2?

If you've spied the film's trailer or listened as RPattz extolled his crack's many cameos, you know the Guy de Maupassant adaptation is anything but tame. And if, when watching the trailer, you find yourself envious of the 25-year-old's many female costars, well, Uma Thurman confirmed in a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar UK (via The Daily Mail) that starring alongside the hunk wasn't too difficult. Read More....



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