Supernatural Sneak Peek: Sammy Finds Himself in Trouble in Episode 7.11

Sammy finds himself in a bit of a pickle in the January 6 return of Supernatural.  When will those Winchesters ever learn?!

Supernatural closed out 2011 with an emotional episode featuring the (presumed) death of Bobby (yeah, we weren't too happy about it either).  The Winchesters might find themselves chasing a case when the show returns on January 6, but whatever happened to Bobby won't soon be forgotten.  Dean vowed revenge against leviathan Dick Roman when he found him outside of Bobby's hospital and the eldest Winchester hasn't forgotten his promise.  Dean goes to great and determined lengths to find a way to defeat those pesky leviathans once and for all in order to get revenge for what they did to his surrogate father. Read More...


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