Suburgatory 1.10 "Driving Miss Dalia" Review

Even though Suburgatory is the story of a father and daughter trying to navigate their way through the culture shock of a new environment, there are times when it can get a bit too insular. George and Tessa have a lot of comedic chemistry together and while seeing them dryly riff with one another can be a lot of fun, for Suburgatory to be able to stand up as a series, their worlds need to be expanded. Not exponentially and not at the detriment of their relationship, but now that the two have been in Chatswin is a bit behind them, you want to see the Altmans dip their toe in the social scene of the suburbs.

In "Driving Miss Dalia", Tessa spent a lot of time away from George, having been hired by Dalia to drive her around the neighborhood of Scott Strauss, Dalia's crush. While you have to wonder why Dalia doesn't just cyber stalk like the rest of us, it made for quite a character showcase, as this is the most time we've spent with Chatswin High's Queen Bee since she apathetically sauntered into our lives this past fall. It was well worth the wait, though, as Tessa and Dalia have always had a nice rapport that has produced some of Suburgatory's best moments and tonight was no exception. I don't need Tessa to be best friends and confide in every ancillary character, but aside from George and Lisa, she hasn't interacted a whole lot with anybody else; I can understand slowly intergrating Tessa into her new life, considering how apprehensive she still is about the 'burbs, but it felt like time to put her and another character in a plot and locking the door, so to speak, to see what happens. Read More...


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