Grey’s Anatomy “Suddenly” Review

The moral of tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy episode "Suddenly"is if you’re going to get in a major car accident, you should hit an ambulance. The fact that the tiny sickly baby not only made it out ok outside of the ambulance, in the arms of a hysterical teenager who hadn’t even ever baby sat before basically guaranteed at least half of the teen’s family would die, there has to be a balance to medical miracles.

Overall the car-wreck family sub-plot, well really the uninjured teen’s sub-plot went from overdone Grey’sAnatomy fall back storyline to completely heart wrenching really quickly. I think it turned when they started playing the folksy someone’s going to die music as the father coded, it just didn’t seem intense enough for a death that would make three kids orphans. And then the reveal that it’s her eighteenth birthday completely undid me, especially since it came on the heels of Teddy sobbing over Henry’s body. Read More... 


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