Recap: 'Project Runway' - 'Return to the Runway'

Aren't you excited that "Project Runway" is back? And not only is it back, but a cast of all stars (which means talented designers AND total lunatics!) will be returning for another shot at victory. Although there are some cast members I never really needed to see again (cough, Mila, cough), I'm not only interested to see if some of these people have grown as designers, but also to find out if the more annoying contenders have seen the error of their ways and might try playing nice this time around. I doubt it, but I'm interested just the same. 

Thankfully, we kick things off with one of the designers I not only liked the most as a person, but who truly deserved to win his season -- Mondo. He admits his heart was broken when Gwetchen walked away with first place, to which I say, you and me both, brother. He's thrilled to see Michael again, but I can't say I'm quite as thrilled. Admittedly, I had a lot of sympathy for the guy, as he became the punching bag of season 8, but I suspect he might have had an annoying side that inspired evil Ivy to want to stuff him into a dumpster.  Read More...


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