Jersey Shore Premiere Recap: The More You Know

And we're back! By which I mean, and we're back? I don't know, I'm having difficulty deciding on the punctuation here. I still don't know how to feel. I think the whole thing can best be summed up by the sensation engendered by the variety of the commercial breaks, which went something like "Plan B, 'TUSKEEGEE AIRMEN BIOPIC', Trojans, Sonic Chili Cheese Fries." I don't know who's watching this, is what I'm saying.

This uncertain reunion with the Jersey Shore kiddos begins with another "leaving Italy" sequence, which I feel is mostly for the benefit of Interpol. Yes, they really did leave! We swear. "We've done everything you can possibly do in Florence," reasons Vinny, reasonably, and we only see the upper half of his body, but I presume he's clutching a dog-eared Lonely Planet guide and a cappuccino-splotched scrapbook. Read More...


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