The Vampire Diaries “The New Deal” Review

I love The Vampire Diaries. It’s like a friend who is occasionally annoying but generally pretty awesome. Alas, this week’s ‘The New Deal’ was one of the annoying episodes for me. That’s not to say it wasn’tgood, it just wasn’t particularly interesting.

TVD barrels ahead with plot, fitting more into one season than some series get into two or three seasons. But it can’t always be action and adventure — sometimes a little exposition and talking is needed. This week was full of exposition, explanations and ‘oh look, something new’. A few things did happen, however, which leaves us with dead Becky, a potentially non-non-dead Alaric, and Jeremy set to leave town.

I’m not entirely sure why Jeremy is leaving town. We can assume he’ll be back at some point – Damon and Elena even pointed out that his last major mindwhammying didn’t stick – but the reasoning kind of sucks. I mean I could be wrong, but surely Klaus could just send one of his hybrids to pick an unsuspecting Jeremy up in Denver if he ever felt the need to threaten Elena, and Elena and co would be powerless to help. Also, they send him away after he’s just beheaded a hybrid. If I had to choose one person in Mystic Falls to have on my team it’d probably be the vampire-killing, mojo ring-wearing medium. Just sayin’. Read More... 


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