Private Practice “Are You My Mother” Review

Private Practice is back and we’re back on the couch. I’m glad they jumped over what would have been Addison’s meltdown over not convincing and went right to her adoption plans. I love the social worker’s visit if only because she pointed out the ocean could be a drowning hazard. In my book a house on the beach is a check in your favor if I’m deciding whether or not to get you a baby.

I also enjoyed the total role reversal of a vulnerable Amelia getting shut down by Sheldon, until Charlotte advised him to stay away. I get that Amelia might not be in the best place to start a new relationship, but it also seems like she could really use a friend and isn’t in a good state of mind to be constantly rejected.

The polyamorous triad sub-plot was interesting not so much for their story but because it highlighted how judgemental all the Private Practice doctors can be when their own love lives are twice as weird. It also showed, yet again, why all their licences should be pulled; they just keep ignoring doctor-patient confidentiality. Only two doctors at the practice are treating the triad, so only two should be discussing them. if they need a general topic of discussion, maybe they should all watch the same reality show the night before work and agree to talk about that. Read More... 


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