The Secret Circle “Darkness” Review

In ‘Darkness’, Cassie wants to know more about dark magic. While she looks through her book of shadows, Adam looks for more information online. Diana takes a peak at Adam’s computer screen and thus Cassie’s secret is revealed to the whole circle. The stress of potentially having dark magic makes Cassie dream about Jake, the only person with proper information on the matter, so she decides to summon him to her with an attraction spell. Diana sees and tells Cassie to come stay at her house until Jane gets back from a healing retreat.

There Cassie meets Diana’s youthful (and kind of hot) grandmother, who immediately notes that Cassie has dark magic in her blood and offers to help. And so off they go to the woods to do a ritual which will cleanse Cassie of her dark magic. Except it’s actually a ritual to kill Cassie – or bring her close to death, at least – to prove that she does have dark magic. Apparently Cassie is the one who will tip the scales of magic in favour of good or bad. Or something. Cassie survives and goes back to Diana’s house to brood on her dark magic. "How powerful are you?" Diana asks. Cassie looks out the window to where Jake stands, summoned by her earlier spell. Read More... 


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