Supernatural “Adventures in Babysitting” Review

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural is aptly named. Sam and Dean both end up having some "Adventures in Babysitting" when a young girl calls looking for Bobby after her hunter father disappears. The guys are still struggling after Bobby’s death, and frankly so am I. I didn’t want to believe he was gone. The whole hiatus I tried to convince myself that maybe the doctors revived him after the last episode ended.

When Sam gets the call from Krissy, he immediately wants to go help. But Dean is concentrating on deciphering the numbers that Bobby left them and figuring out a way to serve Dick Roman’s head on a platter. So they decide to go their separate ways. No drama, no real fight – they just each do what they have to do and I saw that as a real mark of maturity in them. It may have taken Dean a while to accept, but his brother is a grown (perhaps overgrown) man and is perfectly capable of going on hunts by himself. Of course that doesn’t stop Sam from getting in as much trouble as Krissy’s dad but you can’t blame the guy for something he didn’t know about. Read More... 


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