Blue Bloods “Whistle Blower” Review

By now we know that if a couple is enjoying a romantic dinner on Blue Bloods and one of them isn’t a Regan, someone’s going to be shot and killed. "Whistle Blower," as expected follows sweet candle-lit romantic moment with fatal shots to the chest. Welcome back Blue Bloods.

Possibly the best scene of the night was the mounted police graduation. The combination of the story of Frank’s great uncle, which both shows us even deeper Reagan ties to the police force and that not all the Reagans in blue have been upstanding, and the juxtaposition of the old fashioned horse riding cops and the modern police force tablet was great.

I think having the policeman’s assault on a civilian end up being justified was an interesting twist and not something you often see on TV. Normally when a beat-down is being remixed on YouTube on a drama you have to deal with a dirty cop who was messing with the guy for fun. That expectation was set up even further when they showed some cops from Jamie’s squad laughing at the YouTube post like it’s something they’d like to participate in. It was also interesting that Frank found a way to get the journalists unedited footage by pretending he was going to go after the cop. Read More... 


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