Once Upon a Time “Desperate Souls” Review

A lot of questions about the back story of Rumplestiltskin were answered in "Desperate Souls," this week’s Once Upon a Time, in particular the source of his magical abilities, as well as his affinity for children. We were also treated to another Emma and Regina show down which seemed to end in a victory for Emma, but really might have been the worst thing to happen to her since she arrived in Storybrooke.

The theme of the week was desperation, the lengths to which people will go in order to protect whatever happens to be most precious to them. In Fairytale Land, Rumple is a simple peasant, trying to protect his son from being drafted into a ruling duke’s war by taking his boy and running away. When presented with the opportunity to slay the duke’s magician, he jumps at the chance, only to find out that killing the magician means that the man’s powers have been transferred to him. And while this might seem like a blessing…he’s able to kill the men who are trying to take his son…it’s really more of a curse as seeing his father slaughter with glee rightfully terrifies the boy. Read More...



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