The Cleveland Show “Y Tu Jr. Tambien?” Review

If you had money on Cleveland Jr. being as gay as Stewie Griffin, you might have to rethink your bet after seeing "Y Tu Jr. Tambien?" this week’s episode of The Cleveland Show.

As per usual, Cleveland is concerned that his plump, soft "daddy’s boy" son isn’t quite normal, and he pushes the clueless kid into finding a girlfriend, presumably one as pudgy and awkward as he is. To everyone’s surprise, and Cleveland’s eventual jealousy, Junior lands a curvy and illegal Mexican immigrant, Cecilia, who just happens to adore him…and it might not even have anything to do with the fact that he strongly resembles her father.

So the stage is set for a ton of jokes that play off as many Mexican stereotypes as you can fit in a sombrero. Most of the lines go to Rallo, of course, as it somehow makes them funny if they come from the mouth of a tiny black kid. Read More... 


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