Supernatural Episode 7.11 Review: Smile, Though Your Heart is Aching

I’ll admit, I found out about Bobby’s fate shortly before Supernatural aired tonight and I was so incredibly angry. Angry enough that I typed three pages about my feelings. Then I watched the episode and I was still angry (and I saw where they were going with the whole thing). After the episode, I didn’t rethink my rant, but I did modify it, because despite Frank’s big proclamation about why hunters do what they do, I still think there’s flaws in the argument.  I also apologize about the length of this review, but I had so many things to say about motivation after watching it that literally spans the entire series, so I hope you'll stick with it.

The Five Stages of Grief

However, before we get to that, let’s start at the beginning. Bobby (Jim Beaver) is dead. Supernatural took a page out of Twilight’s book (and it pains me to even admit I know this scene happened in that movie) and showed the passage of time with silent stares. After Bobby flat-lined in the hospital, the boys regrouped at Rufus’ cabin. A few weeks past. Sam (Jared Padalecki) brooded, while Dean (Jensen Ackles) silently planned his revenge against Dick Roman. Said plan included a hunter’s wall of clippings, photos and notes, along with sending the numbers Bobby wrote on Sam’s hand to Frank to decipher their meaning. Well, it was taking Frank a few weeks to get back to Dean, so the eldest Winchester decided to head off to see him. Sam, meanwhile, went off on a case, but we’ll get to that later. Read More...


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