Supernatural Episode 7.12 Promo: "Because That is the Chicago Way"

The Winchesters split up for a while on the Supernatural winter premiere (as if splitting up is ever a good idea!).  After Bobby died (yes, died) the brothers spent a few weeks holed up in Rufus' cabin, while Dean started on his quest for revenge against Dick Roman.  Sam, meanwhile, went off to help a young girl (Krissy) with a hunter father (Lee) who had called Bobby for help. Dean met up with tech wiz Frank and the two eventually learned that the leviathans were building something important in a field in Wisconsin.

Sam did find the missing Lee, but he also got captured by the same monsters who had captured him.  Krissy contacted Dean, who set off to track down Sam (who didn't have all the necessary information to defeat the monster).  Fortunately, Dean and Krissy arrived in the nick of time, and after a few mishaps they were able to take down the monsters and save Sam and her father.  More specifically, Krissy was able to kill the first monster on her own.  She was definitely a tough girl. Read More...


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