Saturday Night Live Recap: Charles Barkley Mumbles His Way Into Your Heart

When the producers of Saturday Night Live invited Charles Barkley to return as guest host, they knew he isn’t an actor, nor is he great at enunciating when he speaks. Therefore, it would be peevish of me to criticize his performance on these grounds. So I won’t! (But...if he were an actor, enunciation would be something he could work on.)

Unlike other sports figures who only get one chance to host the show for the novelty of it, though, Barkley brings some great qualities to the gig: he’s obviously funny in his bones, and he’s not self-conscious about making himself look goofy (for instance: by appearing in drag, as I predicted he would. Sadly, nothing Barkley did last night matched his classic MacGruber sketch of a few years ago. But the episode did have a few great moments Barkley can be proud of. (Note: Most of the notable clips are not yet on Hulu, but they will be embedded if and when they get put up.) Read More...


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