'The Firm' review: A guy walks into a law office ... again

Imagine a thriller about a young lawyer, near the top of his law-school class, who takes a job at a seemingly genteel firm -- for a huge salary -- only to find out that it's a front for the mob, and that every lawyer who tries to leave ends up dead.He works with the FBI to get out, turning over documents to take down the firm, then goes into hiding with his wife. Now imagine it's 10 years later. The lawyer, older, more world-weary and now with a daughter, emerges from witness protection, reclaims his real name and opens up a storefront law practice. He gets an offer to start an association with another law firm, which also seemingly offers everything he needs. Now imagine that this new firm is up to no good too. Finally, try to imagine that you haven't seen this before.The "imagine" device is from another John Grisham novel-turned-movie, "A Time...



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