'House of Lies' review: The leads aren't weak, but a lot is

"House of Lies" is the new half-hour comedy from Showtime starring Don Cheadle as Marty Kaan, a project manager at a highly successful management consulting firm called Galweather & Stern. Kaan is flanked by a team made up of the awkward resume-touting Doug (Josh Lawson), the smarmy John Ralphio Clyde (Ben Schwartz) and the smart, sassy Jeannie (Kristen Bell). Kaan's mirror at a competing consulting firm is none other than his ex-wife Monica (Dawn Olivieri), while Kaan's roommates include his father Jeremiah (the wonderful Glynn Turman) and son Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.).The show's premiere features Kaan and his team jet-setting to New York from their Los Angeles base to meet with a financial company, one that in the world of the show helped cause America's sub-prime mortgage crisis. Kaan's company basically makes money by creating the illusion that they indispensable to their clients. The last name of "Kaan" ("con") is a little too on-the-nose.Kaan is...



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