Once Upon a Time Episode 9 Promo: Caught in the Clutches of a Witch

Once Upon a Time returned with new episodes this week and we got a peek into Rumpelstiltskin's past.  As it turns out, he was once a war deserter, who went on to live a quiet life with his young son.  But when soldiers came into his town to draft young children for the ogre wars, he tried to flee to save his son.  Unfortunately, he was caught and forced to turn back. But a chance meeting with an old beggar led him to learn about a valuable power source.  He obtained it and took the first step to become the Rumple that we know he becomes.

Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke, Emma was still reeling from Graham's death two weeks earlier. Mr. Gold encouraged her to run for the position of sheriff after Regina fired her and wanted to appoint Sidney Glass in the position. With Mr. Gold's backing, Emma decided to become a candidate.  But Mr. Gold chose to start an explosion in the mayor's office to fight dirty and set Emma up as a hero.  Emma found out and was abhorred by his tactics and later told the town the truth about what happened.  As it turns out, the townspeople appreciated the honesty and made Emma the sheriff. Read More...



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