'Once Upon a Time': Because good is dumb


This week on "Once Upon a Time," people seem to have moved on fairly quickly from Sheriff Graham's untimely demise.Fairytale LandRumpelstiltskin, before he's who we all know and love, was a peasant farmer and the town coward. The Duke's men take his son Balthar to fight in the Ogre war. An old man approaches Rumpel to steal the dagger the Duke is using to enthrall the "dark one," which will help him keep his son safe. The old man says there is a name written on the dagger - the true name of the "dark one."So Rumpel and his son set the Duke's castle on fire and Rumpel steals the dagger. He conjurs and takes control of the "dark one," then stabs him with the dagger and discovers it is now his name (Rumpelstiltskin) written on the dagger. Rumpel is now the "dark one" and stands up to the Duke's guards when they come back...



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