'Shameless' Season 2 Premiere: Where There's Smoke, There's Frank (Video)


While some things never change on Showtime’s Shameless – like Frank’s (William H. Macy) total disregard for consequences – there were several changes for the Gallaghers in Sunday’s Season 2 premiere.

Frank is up to his usual cons as he lets his mouth and greed get him in trouble once again when he bets a local thug $10 grand that the man couldn’t take two shots from a taser gun without soiling himself. Well, that didn’t work out. After going to all his usual sources for funds, he decides to take youngest son Liam to give him a leg up with panhandling. After trying to appeal to the man’s sense of fairness, the thug takes Liam as collateral. Yes, it’s a whole new low for Frank and he actually knows it. Read More...



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