Once Upon a Time Episode 8 Recap: The Dangers of a Benefactor

Once Upon a Time is teasing out a lot of stories - like how Snow and Charming ultimately come together and the secret that drove the Queen and Snow apart.  But the January return of Once Upon a Time didn't tease out Rumpelstiltskin's origin story.  In less than an hour we know exactly how and why he went from a mild-mannered villager and father to an evil and somewhat crazy creature capable of great magic.

This week's Once Upon a Time was all about the episode title: desperate souls.  As it turns out, Rumple had once been a solider.  At least until he deserted his post and returned to a wife who didn't want to be married to an AWOL soldier.  She left him and their young son (Baelfire) and Rumple raised the boy himself.  Just before Bae's 14th birthday, soldiers visited the town, looking for children fourteen and older to draft into the army.  Rumple's first instinct was to run, albeit to save his son's life.  This is an understandable desertion, even if Bae wanted to be brave enough to fight. Read More...



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